About Us

An informational website blog that will feed you the latest news about Servers. It will guide you in monitoring your Server System, and help you to have the best website hosting experience. The blogs also contain modules and guides that will be useful for hosting your website. The good part about this blog too is we will provide you excellent tutorial and topics which involve Networking, Domains and configuring Diagnostics for DNS, Firewalls, Remote Access, Proxy and more.


Our readers will be guided accordingly through the importance of Securing your Server and different techniques when it comes to upgrades and backups. Several topics are included. Guides in Email Server are also provided to assist our readers to a quickly running mail setup. When it comes to Database Management System we can help you meet your needs because we provide detailed guides on what are the open source platforms available.


Generally, serversguru.com will supply comprehensive information in Monitoring and Maintain your server for your Uptime and Analytics.