Bringing New Website Security & Optimization Tools to Everyone

Popular for being the largest authoritative DNS networks. They are establishing themselves as the leaders for next-generation in CDN and DNS, and an extensive threat protection, it continues for churning out new and great features for a better performance of your security that you can achieve in the start. Do you know that CloudFlare improves the performance of web and lots of web content optimization for your products? CloudfFare will bring you a better website security and a great optimization tool to all.

Here are some of the list included: 

With Rocket Loader it helps you minimizes the number of network connections, while Polish and Mirage improve images, and Railgun will help you to increase your dynamic content that was previously uncacheableCloudFlare’s CDN assure that their customers’ websites are always available and performing at their best. The company has a proprietary software, strong network, and a custom-built hardware, and sustained and defended attacks of more than 400 Gb/s.

Find out here company’s newest products and initiatives this year:

  • Fasted and Growing Internet (IPv6, HTTP2, & Server Push)
  • They offer IPv6 support and gateway for all their customers.  Do you know that CloudFlare is known as one of fastest developing providers for your IPv6 connectivity, and no just that, over million of websites supported for their advanced communications protocol.
  • New WordPress Plugin for 1-Click Optimization & Security
  • Developers of CloudFlare provides also the best WordPress specific settings great features for plugin users where you can activate it with one click.
  • Your Web Application Firewall Boosts Security 
  • Layers of security for platforms such as WordPress, CoreCommerce, and CloudFlare built their web application firewall. Throughout the time WAF protects against overall threats security, such as comment spam, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting to update the CMS in an unstable version.

Universal SSL & the Push 

  • CloudFlare's web application firewall find all the security and requirements for PCI conformity. It is the standard for accepting credit cards online transactions. 
  • CloudFlare in Creating a Stronger, More Secure Internet
  • CloudFlare was launched in 2010, with the Co-Founders Michelle Zatlyn, Matthew Prince, and Lee Holloway.  Now the company has grown to more than 300 employees in six office locations. CloudFlare has a wide team that includes engineers and developers, it keeps up technical nature of the product's company to solve technical issues.