Do you like Node.js JavaScript platform for creating extensible applications on the web? Sure, you might finish installing Node.js on your local box for testing. The next thing is to find a free Node.js hosting, and say yes because in this post you will see the top 2 Free Node Js Hosting that will allow you to share them.

Are you new in node.js? Then free is good, having an idea first how it works is the best thing you need to learn. Check out below!

1. RedHat OpenShift

RedHat OpenShift offers a purely free Node.js hosting. Is popular for developing, hosting, and scaling your Apps in the Cloud, and a good suggestion for free web hosting. 

What Do  You Get For Free? See below!

  • Limited for Hosting 3 applications  
  • It responds to web traffic by automatically range high or low when there is the need for the application.
  • It expands applications closer to their customers with less inactivity
  • Red Hat is known for being one of the world's leading provider of open-source solutions
  • They provide also a built to order private databases

For programming languages

  • Node.js
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Python, and more

Free Features:

  • Three Maximum Gears
  • 24 hours of Application Lounging
  • Subdomains and Shared SSL on
  • The Hosting Region is on the US
  • 1 GB is the Storage Base
  • Documentation & Guides
  • Developer Community
  • System Administration by Red Hat
  • Application Auto-Scaling
  • Custom Domains
  • Sharing Controls
  • Help Center

2. Nodejitsu 

It's also one of the popular hosts because of its' free hosting in the past seven years and already have a name for a big addition in the society of Node.js. Do you know that in Nodejistusu they will also provide you a $20 worth of free usage?


  • Languages / Frameworks – Node.js
  • $20 free usage; plans start at $9/month
  • Expect the best support from developers 
  • Nodejitsu CLI tool designed to provide the most popular and easiest deployment. All you need to do is run the jitsu deploy.
  • The first platform to support the web sockets, do you know that almost all platforms are using Nodejitsu's open source node-HTTP-proxy module.
  • Deployment for both private and public for Github and TravisCI
  • Nodejitsu offers free open-source applications for free hosting. It supports the development of the software for free. You can apply at
  • It also includes custom domains that are available for every plan at
  • They are proven to have one of the best support, their developers have amazing support over IRC