Protection of software is one of the most important things to do, and it's not easy. There is multitude of steps ou there to enhance your security. Do you know that Web hosting administration system provides a lot of options? Top 5 tips below for making the best of your cPanel's security.


1. Use a protected or secured password

One thing you can do for securing your password from hackers is to change your password necessary, you can change it weekly or monthly. You can use a password generator tool in cPanel for suggestions. Make sure to use different passwords every time you will change it to avoid default password configuration. 

You can also enable SSL for access to your cPanel by Tweak Setting in your Server Configuration. Remember that configuring your password will define a strong password.

2. Put Firewall protection or Anti-Virus

Don't expect that you will not encounter ever viruses into your cPanel installation. One of the popular firewall application for cPanel servers is CSF (ConfigServer Security and Firewall). It also gives you guidance that's important know for security increase, and ClamAV is one of the most suggested available as a plugin for cPanel servers, you can detect it by installing the Rootkit Hunter Software.

3. Make sure to always have the Updates for cPanel

Updating your cPanel will help you to benefit from all bugs, errors, and most importantly is the embellishment of your security. You can find it easily in the "Upgrade to Latest Version" which you can found in the cPanel homepage. If you don't want to check it always, you have the ability to update it automatically by navigating to "Update Preferences" and “Server Configuration" on a daily basis. 

4. Security for Apache and PHP

"Easy Apache" Cpanel utility can guide you for quickly building and compiling of Apache server and PHP scripting language new version. Make sure to ensure the latest versions being used.

Do this by using this command in cPanel security center and you may check and save “Enable PHP open_basedir Protection.”


5. Security Center Checklist

One of the security enhancement too is disabling compiler access for undetermined users, usethe su command to become a root user and defining “Shell Fork Bomb Protection”.

Learning these ways for the security of your cPanel will guide you to have a safety and protected enhancement options. Follow the following guidance and instructions to have a high-performance cPanel server.