Managed hosting services minimize the amount hands-on Information Technology job to carry-out and keep your server running in a great performance, just focus on the software because while you handle the hardware.

Here is the top of the list for Managed VPS Hosting:

1. InMotion Hosting

Popular Hosting Advice's with  #1 Dedicated Servers. InMotion Web Hosting is known for fast, their trustworthy and affordable hosting for Linux and Unix operating systems. It is monitored 24/7 so the user doesn't need to worry. They are also popular because they offer good customer support.


  • $5.99/month for Launch Plan 
  • $7.99/month for Power Plan  
  • $13.99/month for Pro Plan  

2. Ipage Hosting

Ipage is known as a web host where you can create a website with full online presence for your business. Their Special introductory offer is $1.99/mo* / Regularly $11.95/mo. It consists of a lot of features designed to guide you, as your website grows to bring in traffic. Ipage most popular plan includes built-in tools and backed by powerful web hosting. They provide FREE domain registration, Unlimited domain names allowed, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited email accounts and Unlimited MySQL databases.


  • $1.99/month for Lunch Plan 
  • $2.68/month for Essential Plan 
  • $5.99/month for Superboost Plan

3. Media Template

Media Template is one of the top Web Hosting for Web Professionals when it comes to speed, reliability, and expertise matter. It is slightly a more expensive choice than other web hosting provider, but it's worth the money because you get what you pay for. Media Template engineers are knowledgeable, the money you pay will not be wasted. 

Pricing / The Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting is great for bloggers, designers, and businesses. Provides better architecture and support. 

Plans for Grid

Personal for $20/mo

  • Includes 100 sites plus 100 databases, and 1000 email boxes
  • Have 1TB scalable bandwidth
  • 2000 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • With 20GB solid-state drive or solid-state disk storage 

Pro fYor $30/mo

  • Includes 500 sites plus 500 databases, and 1000 email boxes
  • Have 2TB scalable bandwidth
  • 2000 Graphics Processing Unit 
  • With 100GB solid-state drive or solid-state disk storage 
  • With 1 Site global CDN and 1 Site malware detection & removal

Agency for $150/mo

  • Includes 2500 sites plus 2500 databases, and 1000 email boxes
  • Have 5TB scalable bandwidth
  • With 500GB solid-state drive or solid-state disk  storage and 
  • 4000 Graphics Processing Unit 
  • With 5 Sites global CDN, 5 Sites malware detection & removal* and, 5 Sites web application firewall