Once finished installing Linux, securing your linode, hosting a website, the next thing to do is to set up email. You have the ability to choose what is convenient for you, one is you will run your own email server or you will let the third-party email service to handle it  for you. In this post, you will learn how you would install a mail server in your linode then create email accounts for your own domains, and most importantly how the mail server works.

Benefit of Mail Server

Running a mail server means you want to have full access to all of your emails. With this, you can store your own email, access the mail server? Read the following:

-> Full access/control to both, your email and server.

-> View information logs for incoming and outcoming messages

-> Choosing the applications you want to use 

-> Raw files access in user's server mailboxes

Before considering to run a Mail Server, check this out the following:

-> Troubleshooting is not that easy

-> Configuration is arduous

-> Downtime can outcome in lost email

-> Monitor spam and virus to block unwanted email threats

A local mail client has three separate software components that give you the ability to send and receive email

->  A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) - the MTA carry the mails within your internet and linode, those that are accepted from incoming mail is added to MTA's queue on the server.

-> A Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) - the MDA is responsible to get mail from the MTA's queue and deliver it to the respective mailboxes on your linode.

-> POP3/IMAP server - the server reviews their emails by POP3/IMAP connections and handles the user's mailboxes.

How does it work?

1. Initially, an Incoming message is controlled to your Linode by DNS

2. It will pass through the MTA and MDA

3. Once it passes, it will store in the user's mailbox on the server

4. At the same time when the message is requested, the POP3/IMAP server intercedes the connection between your local mail client and linode.

5. Remember that outgoing mail is sent from the user's local mail client, then it will be sent to its destination on the internet

Choose your Mail Server Components

There are a lot of software packages that can be used as MTAs, MDAs, and IMAP/POP3 servers. Make sure to choose the components for your mail server.